Forage Baler

The streamlined fuselage, plastic sprayed fuselage, and car-painted fiberglass outer cover are impressive; the operation efficiency is high, with 3,000-5,000 bundles a day. The bale density pressurization system adopts German technology, and the bale weight can reach about 70-120 kilograms. Equipped with a rear camera and a cab monitoring display screen, the baling situation can be monitored in real time.

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Product Details

Structural highlights

1. The sprocket and part of the spindle are made of 20CrMnTi (alloy structural steel) with outstanding rigidity and toughness.

2. Chain: Use products from the well-known manufacturer Qingdao Zhenghe

3. Transmission shaft: It is made from the well-known company Zhejiang Pusaisi and is durable.

4. Sheet metal parts: The materials are selected from well-known domestic manufacturers, 345B material, which has strong rigidity, fatigue resistance, and strengthens the structure of the whole machine.

5. Machined parts: Made of high-quality 40-chromium alloy steel. After tempering and industry-standard heat treatment, it has precise dimensions and good strength to ensure reliable operation of the whole machine.

Forage Baler

6. Fasteners: All adopt the national standard hardness level of 10.9 or above to strengthen the assembly connection of the whole machine.

7. The bearings and oil seals of the whole machine are made of high-quality parts.

8. The pressurized pump station adopts military products and has stable and reliable performance.

9. The size of the welded parts is precise and the welding is firm.

Forage BalerForage BalerForage BalerForage Baler

Technical Parameters

Model                 9YFX-200(1845XD)

Picker working width


Minimum ground clearance of spring teeth


Piston stroke


Rated working speed of piston

120 times/min

Pressurized chamber interface size


Bale length adjustment range


Pure work productivity

400 bundles/hour (about 40 kg per bundle)

Overall machine dimensions


Overall machine weight

3.8 tons

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