Automatic Perforated Cable Tray Forming Machine

This equipment consists of an uncoiler - a leveling feeder - a large-tonnage punch - a punching machine - a roll forming host. The uncoiler is a hydraulic core expander and is equipped with a pressing arm for easy operation. The leveling and feeding machine can accurately feed materials into the punch. , the punch machine can be used with large-tonnage molds to punch dense reinforcement ribs or dense pallet holes. The punching machine punches connecting holes, seven-character button holes, etc. All actions are controlled by the control panel. The roll forming host is composed of 35 axes, with a diameter of It is 80 mm, the surface is hard chrome plated, and the chrome plating thickness is 0.05 mm. Ensure the high efficiency, high precision and high flexibility of the production line.

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Product Details

main component:

1. Hydraulic decoiler, bearing capacity 10 tons

2. Leveling and feeding machine

3. Pneumatic gantry punch press, choose well-known brands

4. Conveyor platform

5. Punching machine

6. Conveyor platform

7. Roll forming part, the main shaft diameter is 80mm, the surface is hard chrome plated, and there are 35 forming rollers

8. Unloading rack

The perforated cable tray forming computer with punch press is a piece of gear mainly used to produce perforated cable trays. It can efficaciously and precisely realise the forming and stamping processing of cable trays. Our molding machines undertake superior technological know-how and sketch and have a sequence of most desirable aspects and features to grant customers with environment friendly and awesome manufacturing solutions.

Automatic Perforated Cable Tray Forming Machine

First, our perforated cable tray forming computing device is outfitted with a punch characteristic that allows unique punching of sheet metal. Punch stamping science can realise the perforation procedure necessities for cable trays, grant holes of a number of sizes and shapes, and enhance the flexibility and air flow impact of cable routing. Stamping processing can additionally enhance the energy and aesthetics of the product and meet patron necessities for product look and functionality.

Secondly, our perforated cable tray forming desktop has a excessive diploma of computerized manufacturing capabilities. The tools is geared up with superior manipulate structures and computerized transmission devices, which can understand more than one methods such as automated forming, punching, and reducing of cable trays. Automated manufacturing no longer solely improves manufacturing efficiency, however additionally reduces labor depth and ensures the steadiness of product quality.

In addition, our perforated cable tray forming machines provide tremendous adaptability and flexibility. The tools can recognize assorted perforation and processing desires with the aid of adjusting the punching parameters in accordance to the necessities of cable trays of special specs and models. Whether it is specific gap diameters, spacing, or exclusive substances and sizes of cable trays, our forming machines can meet your requirements.

Finally, our perforated cable tray forming machines center of attention on protection and reliability. The tools is outfitted with more than one protection devices, such as shielding covers, emergency cease switches, etc., to make sure the security of operators. At the identical time, the gear makes use of long lasting substances and stable structural layout to make sure the balance and lengthy existence of the equipment.

To sum up, our perforated cable tray forming laptop with punching feature can correctly and precisely produce wonderful cable trays, enhance work efficiency, decrease costs, and supply sturdy guide for your projects. Whether it is in the fields of electric powered power, communications, transportation, etc., we can attain fantastic molding and stamping processing consequences thru our equipment.

Automatic Perforated Cable Tray Forming MachineAutomatic Perforated Cable Tray Forming MachineAutomatic Perforated Cable Tray Forming MachineAutomatic Perforated Cable Tray Forming Machine

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