Xinhua News Agency, Lanzhou, February 1 (Reporters Song Changqing, Zhang Wenjing, Zhao Yihe) When modern technology meets traditional agriculture, what kind of sparks will be produced? Explorations in many places in China have given us the answer: fields are rich in fruits and agricultural
2024/04/24 09:48
 Press release text: Recently, our company participated in the agricultural machinery product exhibition and trade conference held in Heilongjiang with its star product three-row hay baler. The company's chairman, Li Guochen, went to the site in person to have cordial conversations with many
2024/03/20 14:51
The future direction of China’s infrastructure industryChina's infrastructure industry will show the following development trends in the future:1. Digital transformation: The infrastructure industry is undergoing digital transformation, and this process will be accompanied by the application of new
2024/02/20 11:02
China’s real estate industry has slowed down after the epidemic. How is the real estate industry developing in your country?The following article analyzes the prospects of China's construction industry in the next ten years from several aspects.1. Construction volume has decreased, and a large
2023/12/27 09:39
"Zombie agricultural machinery" has been found in many places to defraud state subsidies through counterfeiting! Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs: Investigate strictly!2023-12-03 13:40·Beijing Daily ClientCCTV Finance"Economic Half Hour" reported on the evening of December 1 that Henan
2023/12/22 14:49
China Railway Construction is located in the world's Fortune 500 companies. Zhike Qida Company participated in the bidding project of the cable bridge production line of the China Railway 11th Bureau Group in 2022. The introduction of Zhike Qida 800x200 cable bridge frame form line and cover plate
2023/11/29 11:44
Wuhu Tianyi Bridge Grand Set Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Wuhu City, Anhui Province, China. It is a manufacturer specializing in the production of cable bridges. In 2021, he introduced Zhike Qida 800X200, 300X100 cable bridge forming machine. In the visit to Tianyi Company, the stable
2023/11/29 11:26