Zhike Qida Hay Baler Debuted At Heilongjiang Agricultural Machinery Exhibition

2024/03/20 14:51

 Press release text: Recently, our company participated in the agricultural machinery product exhibition and trade conference held in Heilongjiang with its star product three-row hay baler. The company's chairman, Li Guochen, went to the site in person to have cordial conversations with many customers to understand the market demand in detail, striving to further expand the business scope and enhance the company's visibility through this exhibition. At this exhibition, Zhike Qida's three-row rope baling machine attracted the attention of a large number of visitors and intended customers with its excellent performance, efficient working methods and affordable price. Chairman Li Guochen personally demonstrated the operating procedures of the three-rope baling machine to customers and introduced and explained the product in detail. Many customers expressed a strong willingness to cooperate after learning about the product, hoping to promote and sell the product locally. During his conversations with customers, Chairman Li Guochen gained an in-depth understanding of the actual needs and difficulties in agricultural production, and gave professional suggestions and solutions to the problems and concerns raised by customers. He also said that Zhike Qida Company always adheres to the customer-centered and market demand-oriented approach, continues to innovate and optimize products, and provides customers with the highest quality services. The successful holding of this exhibition provided a valuable display and communication platform for Zhike Qida Company. By participating in the exhibition, the company not only gained many interested customers, but also learned about the latest developments and development trends in the industry. Chairman Li Guochen said that Zhike Qida will continue to pay attention to the development of the agricultural machinery industry, actively participate in various exhibitions and exchange activities, and work with customers to create a better future. This press release will be published on Google's website to expand publicity and enhance the company's brand image. At the same time, Zhike Qida Company will continue to be committed to developing and producing more high-quality agricultural machinery products to contribute to my country's agricultural modernization.

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