Metal Trunking Roll Forming Line

The cable tray production line is a set of special equipment for mass production of cable trays. It includes automatic feeding, forming, cutting, bending, drilling, and other processes. It can realize automated production of cable trays and greatly improve production efficiency and product quality. . The production line is equipped with advanced production equipment and testing instruments, and adopts advanced manufacturing processes and technologies to ensure that the cable tray has accurate dimensions, smooth surface, and reliable strength. At the same time, it also has an intelligent control system and operating interface, which is easy to operate and the production process is stable and reliable. The cable tray production line is suitable for the production of cable trays of various specifications and models, and is widely used in power, communications, construction and other industries. Its emergence provides an efficient and convenient production solution for the large-scale production of cable trays, and has been recognized and praised by the majority of users.

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Product Details

main component

1、Open rolling machine , hydraulic core, bearing 5 tons, distribution box (frequency conversion control slow up slow stop), hydraulic 3KW set

 2、13 roller leveling, hydraulic system 111 KW 2 group electric valves, 7.5KW motor , Hydraulic cutting, tray punching (optional)

 3、 section A high speed platform —— 2 high speed platform, width adjustment of positive and reverse wire rod, frequency conversion control,

4、punching machine —— mold pneumatic transformation single and double row, oil cylinder heavy engineering cylinder, typing (trademark) (optional)

 5、section B high-speed platform —— positive and reverse wire rod width adjustment, frequency conversion control

6、 roller press forming part —— spindle φ 70mm, surface plating hard chromium, forming roll 25 rows, side + bottom surface reinforcement, forming plane straight 1 set, roll material: GCR 15

 7、 unloading frame —— passive unloading frame 2 pieces

Metal Trunking Roll Forming Line

Metal Trunking Roll Forming LineMetal Trunking Roll Forming LineMetal Trunking Roll Forming LineMetal Trunking Roll Forming Line

Technical Parameters

order number



numerical value


Material width




Material thickness





Galvanized strip steel / galvanized steel plate


Equipment running speed







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