Cable Trough Rolling Production Equipment

This equipment consists of decoiler - leveling machine - punching machine - roll forming host. The decoiler is a hydraulic core expander, which is easy to operate. It is equipped with a separate leveling machine with a cutting function. The punching machine punches connecting holes. There is a hole in the bottom tray, and all actions are controlled by the control panel. The roll forming main machine consists of 23 shafts with a diameter of 65 mm and a hard chrome plated surface. Ensure the high efficiency, high precision and high flexibility of the production line.

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Product Details

This equipment is a medium-sized cable trough roll forming machine. It is an efficient machine for the production of medium-sized cable trough systems. It is designed for crimping and shaping sheet metal into cable duct sections, providing a reliable and cost-effective solution for cable management. The equipment is equipped with advanced technology and features to ensure precision and quality of the production process. It consists of a roller system that carefully guides sheet metal through a series of rollers, applying pressure to form the desired shape. In addition, the equipment is equipped with cutting tools to cut sheet metal to the required length, resulting in precise and consistent cable duct cross-sections. A key advantage of medium-sized cable trough roll forming equipment is its versatility. It can handle a variety of materials such as galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum, allowing manufacturers to produce cable duct systems suitable for different applications. In addition, the equipment is designed to accommodate different sizes and specifications, providing production flexibility. Another advantage of this equipment is its high production capacity. Through its automated operation and efficient roller system, it can produce cable duct sections faster than traditional manual methods. This not only increases productivity but also reduces labor costs, making it a cost-effective solution for cable trough manufacturing. In addition, medium-sized cable trough roll forming equipment is user-friendly and easy to operate. It comes with a user interface that enables the operator to set the required parameters such as sheet size, bending angle and cutting length. The device is also equipped with safety features to ensure operator safety. In summary, medium-sized cable duct roll forming equipment is a reliable and efficient solution for the production of medium-sized cable trough systems. Its advanced technology, versatility, high production capacity and user-friendly design make it an indispensable tool for cable duct manufacturers. With its precision and cost-effectiveness, this device helps in seamless cable management in various applications.

Cable Trough Rolling Production Equipment

Technical Parameters

Serial number

main component




1. Hydraulic core expansion 4. Distribution box (frequency conversion control, slow start and slow stop) 2. Electric discharge 5. Hydraulic 3KW set

3. Bearing capacity 8 tons



Leveling and cutting machine

1. Infeed coding mechanism (front and reverse lead screws) 4. 13-roller leveling

2. Hydraulic system: 1 set of 11KW and 2 sets of electric valves 5. 7.5KW motor

3. Hydraulic cutting 6. Pallet punching (optional)


Section A high-speed platform

1. 1 high-speed platform 3. Adjustment of the width of the front and back screw rods

2. Frequency conversion control


punching machine

1. 3 sets of motors 4. Distribution box

2. Hydraulic system 5. Mold pneumatic conversion between single and double rows

3. Oil cylinder heavy engineering cylinder 6. Typing (trademark) (optional)


Section B high-speed platform

1. 2 high-speed platforms 3. Front and back screw width adjustment

2. Frequency conversion control


Roll forming part

1. Spindle φ65mm, surface hard chrome plated 5. Extended feeding guide

2. 25 rows of forming rollers 6. 1 set of flat surface straightening after forming

3. The main machine is divided into 3 sections 7. Roll material: GCR15

4. Side + bottom reinforcement 8. Electric feeding


Unloading rack

1、2 passive unloading racks   


Control cabinet

1. The entire line adopts PLC control and touch screen human-machine interface to realize human-computer interaction.

2. Hardware configuration: Power distribution cabinet operation console, manual operation panel and wireless remote control next to the machine

3. Operation mode: manual/automatic. In the manual state, it can operate as a stand-alone machine for easy maintenance; in the automatic state, it can operate across the entire line; it is equipped with an emergency stop button, making it easy to handle emergencies and ensuring the safety of equipment and operators

Cable Trough Rolling Production EquipmentCable Trough Rolling Production EquipmentCable Trough Rolling Production EquipmentCable Trough Rolling Production Equipment

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