Ladder Cable Tray Fully Automatic Welding Machine

1. High precision: Our cable tray welding machine uses high-precision welding heads, which can accurately weld the bridge to ensure welding quality. 2. Efficient welding speed: Advanced welding technology makes welding faster, saving you valuable time. 3. Safe operation: The machine is simple to operate, safe to use, does not require special skills, and is suitable for use in factories of all sizes. 4. Easy to maintain: The machine has a simple structure, is easy to maintain and maintain, and extends its service life.

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Our welding machine uses six welding guns for simultaneous welding. There are three welding guns on each side distributed on both sides of the fuselage. All transmission methods are driven by servo motors, which greatly improves the accuracy of the motion trajectory. Our welding machine uses mechanical double positioning, which greatly improves the welding accuracy. Our welding method can be used for spot welding and full welding. The 6 welding guns can be controlled arbitrarily and use servo positioning. The ladder supports use It is a cylinder clamping method, and the ladder side feeding adopts a roller method.

Ladder Cable Tray Fully Automatic Welding Machine

Ladder Cable Tray Fully Automatic Welding Machine

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