1845XD Three-Rope Square Baler Hay Baler

The 1845XD baling machine is independently developed, designed and produced by Bazhou Zhike Qida Automation Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. This high-density three-rope square bale baling machine is fed by a spring ruler pickup (double crushing pickup), compression System, German imported Rasbo knotting device, electronic control system, hydraulic assembly, etc.

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Main features of this machine:

1. Fast picking speed, high bale density, and good crushing and dust removal effect.

2. Independently develop electronic control and hydraulic systems to make operations easier and more efficient.

3. Using imported knotting device, the knotting is more stable.

4. The transmission system of the whole machine is all cooperated with domestic advanced manufacturers with import and export qualifications.

5. The core machined parts of the entire machine are made of imported materials.

6. New guardless design and 5-row elastic ruler make picking up faster and cleaner.

7. The new design of the pickup has effective ground profiling, which more effectively protects the pickup spindle.

8. The lubricators of the knotter are all imported from Germany, which can provide comprehensive lubrication for the knotter more effectively.

1845XD Three-Rope Square Baler Hay Baler

Work process

1845XD Three-Rope Square Baler Hay Baler

Technical Parameters

1845XD Three-Rope Square Baler Hay Baler

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1845XD Three-Rope Square Baler Hay Baler1845XD Three-Rope Square Baler Hay Baler

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