"Zombie agricultural machinery" has been found in many places to defraud state subsidies through counterfeiting! Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs: Investigate strictly!

2023/12/22 14:49

"Zombie agricultural machinery" has been found in many places to defraud state subsidies through counterfeiting! Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs: Investigate strictly!

2023-12-03 13:40·Beijing Daily Client

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"Economic Half Hour" reported on the evening of December 1 that Henan Saiteng Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. defrauded Jiangsu and Guangxi about subsidy issues for rice side-deep fertilizer spreaders, reflecting the collusion of unscrupulous enterprises and relevant personnel to illegally obtain subsidy funds for the purchase and application of agricultural machinery. For the purpose of committing suspected violations of laws and regulations.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs attaches great importance to it, and immediately instructs the agricultural and rural departments of Henan, Jiangsu, Guangxi and other provinces (regions) to set up working groups as soon as possible, jointly with public security, market supervision and other departments to quickly carry out verifications, and strictly investigate and deal with the enterprises and relevant personnel in accordance with laws and regulations. , and disclose the results to the public in a timely manner; jointly conduct disciplinary inspection departments to investigate the verification of grassroots subsidized products, and find problems that will be dealt with seriously in accordance with the law and disciplines. On December 2, a working group of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs went to relevant provinces to supervise and guide the verification and processing work.

News event review

In 2022, the central government will arrange 21.2 billion yuan in agricultural machinery purchase subsidy funds. Agricultural machinery purchase subsidies are an important policy to strengthen agriculture, benefit farmers, and enrich farmers. The purpose is to allow farmers to enjoy real discounts when purchasing agricultural machinery and tools, and to continuously improve the level of agricultural machinery and equipment and agricultural mechanization in our country. However, the "Economic Half-Hour" column recently received clues from the public that in some places, some people have "wrong ideas" about agricultural machinery purchase subsidies and regard the money as a "cash cow."

Agricultural machinery companies only make one product and give it away for free

In fact, in order to defraud state subsidies

In mid-October, various parts of Jiangsu have entered the autumn harvest and autumn sowing season. However, in the homes of some farmers in Daying Town, Xinghua City, reporters saw that fertilizer spreaders that should be used in the fields were idle in the warehouse.

Villagers told reporters that these machines were sent by local agricultural machinery dealers and have been placed in the warehouse for more than two years. The reporter noticed that the manufacturer shown on the nameplate of the fertilizer spreader is Henan Saiteng Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd., and the production date is June 2021.

Growers told reporters that this kind of rice side-deep fertilization machine can rotate, but the efficiency is very low. Normally the machine can work 40 acres a day, but this kind of machine only has more than ten acres, and it often jams, so these machines are shelved by everyone. People even call this kind of machine "zombie farm machinery".

The market price of this side-deep fertilizer spreader for rice ranges from more than 10,000 yuan to more than 20,000 yuan, but it is useless in the eyes of farmers.

In Fanchuan Town, Jiangdu District, Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, reporters also saw the same fertilizer spreader. The salesperson said bluntly that this was just for subsidies.

Similarly, at an agricultural machinery company in Dantu District, Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province, multiple fertilizer spreaders marked with "Saiteng Agricultural Machinery" are also used for "activities."

A salesperson from Runyang Agricultural Machinery in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province: The purpose of our "activities" is to get state subsidies. This machine is given to you at no cost to you. The subsidy is paid to your personal account, and you give me the subsidy money.

The dealer told reporters that the purchasing farmers need to return the funds to the dealer in full after the subsidies are paid.

Although the state has clear regulations on the application and receipt of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies and continues to standardize and optimize them, these agricultural machinery subsidy funds have become "Tang Monk Meat" in the eyes of some people, greatly reducing the country's policies to benefit farmers.

On the Jiangsu Province agricultural machinery purchase and application subsidy information real-time disclosure platform, reporters found that as of November 2023, 175 Henan Saiteng side-deep fertilizer spreaders sold by Zhenjiang Runyang Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. have applied for national agricultural machinery subsidies. Taiwan’s subsidy amount is 5,000 yuan, of which 153 units have been settled.

Judging from the subsidy book, the sales price of these fertilizer spreaders ranged from 12,000 yuan to 19,000 yuan, and the dealer only got back the subsidy amount of 5,000 yuan. Is this a loss-making transaction? The person in charge of Taizhou Xinghua Kaisheng Agricultural Machinery told reporters that Henan Saiteng only produces this product, which is specially used for subsidies, so the ex-factory price given by the manufacturer to dealers is far lower than the market price.

Liu Jian, general manager of Xinghua Kaisheng Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd., Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province: To be honest, the machine is just for subsidies. It is of no use. The price given to me is cheap, 3,000 yuan per machine.

In this way, the dealer can earn 2,000 yuan for each machine. However, during the interview, Liu Jian, general manager of Taizhou Xinghua Kaisheng Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd., told reporters: Policies on agricultural machinery subsidies vary from place to place. Taking the side-deep fertilizer spreader as an example, some counties and cities also have local subsidies in addition to the national subsidy of 5,000 yuan. In Xinghua City, Taizhou City, where he is located, there has been a local subsidy of 5,000 yuan for side-deep fertilizer spreaders in recent years, so he can make a net profit of 7,000 yuan per machine.

The agricultural machinery manufacturing company ranked third on the best-selling list has “no trace”

Testing agencies aid the evildoers

During the investigation, the reporter found that at the beginning of 2023, in the 2022 agricultural machinery best-selling list jointly released by the China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, China Agricultural Mechanization Herald, and China Agricultural Machinery Circulation Association, Henan Saiteng Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. also ranked among the best-selling fertilizer spreaders. Ranked third.

However, when reporters rushed to the address registered by this company on the National Agricultural Machinery Test Appraisal Management Service Information Platform - the Agricultural Machinery Market in Dengzhou City, Henan Province, they could not find this company.

In the company's industrial and commercial registration information, on December 5, 2022, the Henan Dengzhou City Market Supervision and Administration Bureau marked the company as "abnormal operations" because it was "unable to contact through the registered residence or business location."

The reporter learned from the company's industrial and commercial registration information that on April 1, 2021, Henan Saiteng Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. was changed from Dengzhou Innovation Food Co., Ltd., and at the same time, the investor was changed from Han Long to Li Gang.

In May 2021, the Heilongjiang Nongken Agricultural Machinery Test Appraisal Station evaluated the consistency, safety, practicality and reliability of two prototype machines submitted for inspection by Henan Saiteng Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd., and its appraisal conclusion was that the model meets the The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs promoted the appraisal outline, and the appraisal conclusion was passed. This means that such agricultural machinery can be sold in the market and apply for subsidies according to the subsidy policy. This is also the basis for dealers such as Liu Jian to sell this agricultural machinery.

During the interview, Liu Jian revealed to reporters an open secret in the industry: the so-called identification only looks at the machine submitted for inspection. The manufacturer only needs to submit a few truly usable machines for inspection. If the machines are usable, they can obtain the corresponding appraisal report. In the actual sales process, the appraisal agency is not responsible for whether the sold machines can be used.

On the public platform, in Jiangsu alone, more than 620 Henan Saiteng machines have been included in the subsidy list. Among the publicly available data, more than 620 Henan Saiteng side-deep fertilizer spreaders have applied for national subsidies. 1100 units. Calculated based on the national subsidy amount of 5,000 yuan per unit, this agricultural machinery alone will occupy 5.5 million yuan in agricultural machinery subsidy funds.

During the investigation, the reporter found that there was no financial exchange between the dealers and farmers to purchase the machines, and the invoices were falsely issued, but the dealers were confident. In practice, how do local authorities supervise this? The reporter contacted the local agricultural machinery management department regarding these issues discovered during the investigation.

A staff member of the Yangzhou Agricultural and Rural Affairs Bureau of Jiangsu Province: There is no point in looking for me, because we do not issue machine purchase subsidies at the municipal level. We manage machine purchase subsidies and distribute them on a county basis. All national money must go to the county.

A staff member of the Xinghua Agricultural and Rural Affairs Bureau of Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province: We are responsible for distributing subsidies, and the focus is on ensuring authenticity. As long as you buy the machine and have the materials, there is no way to determine whether the other party is cheating.

In recent years, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and relevant departments have always attached great importance to the prevention and control of risks in the implementation of agricultural machinery subsidy policies, continuously strengthened management requirements, and formulated and issued a series of systems such as measures for handling illegal operations of subsidized products, specifications for the filing of subsidized machinery and tools, and key points for verification of subsidized machinery and tools. , and guided all provinces to issue a detailed series of relevant regulations and seriously investigate and deal with illegal activities in the operation of subsidized products. In the next step, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, while supervising and guiding relevant provinces to carry out serious verification and handling, will also organize a nationwide special rectification work on subsidies for rice side-deep fertilizer spreaders, and further promote the implementation of various measures such as verification and identification of subsidized products in all regions. , resolutely crack down on violations of laws, regulations, and disciplines, resolutely implement "zero tolerance" for such problems, investigate and deal with each case found, and transfer suspected crimes to judicial organs for processing.

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