The Development Prospects Of China’s Construction Industry In The Next Ten Years ​

2023/12/27 09:39

China’s real estate industry has slowed down after the epidemic. How is the real estate industry developing in your country?

The following article analyzes the prospects of China's construction industry in the next ten years from several aspects.

1. Construction volume has decreased, and a large number of construction workers are facing unemployment.

In recent years, I believe many front-line construction people have a deep feeling that the amount of construction is gradually decreasing. The public buildings that every city in China should have, such as libraries, theaters, art galleries, exhibition centers, concert halls, etc., have been covered, and the CBD is almost complete. The gradual reduction in construction volume also means the closure of a large number of construction companies and design institutes, and also means that a large number of construction professionals are facing unemployment problems.

2. Personalized needs are taken seriously, and the design level is generally improved.

The reduction in construction volume has caused employment problems for architects. If they want to keep their jobs, they can only continuously improve their design level. More and more foreign master lawyers come to China to bid for bids. The construction industry will enter an era where there are more wolves and less meat. If you can't grab a job, you are doomed to starve to death. The era of relationship-building is gradually drifting away as the number of projects decreases, the attention of each project increases, the system is improved in practice, the international media participates, and consumers pay for the design. With the reduction of projects and brutal industry competition, the selection of projects will focus more on the quality of the design. Functional satisfaction will encourage people to pursue spiritual needs and be more willing to pay for the design.

3. Industry division of labor

The division of labor in the construction industry has continued since ancient times. In ancient times, construction technology and social division of labor were relatively simple. There was no clear boundary between architectural design and construction. The organizers and commanders of construction were often designers. The construction industry has continued to evolve over the course of history. Until now, from plans to analysis drawings to modeling, etc., a separate architect is responsible for each process, and practitioners are increasingly segmented and specialized in the process. , even the types of construction companies are constantly being subdivided. In the future, each company will focus on one of its own construction fields, because focusing on a certain field can make it more precise and in-depth, and everything is to satisfy the current situation. society’s people’s needs.

4. The amount of renovation of old buildings increases

Extensive construction will lead to more problems as needs and functions change. Compared with demolition and reconstruction, the renovation of old buildings can save resources and retain historical value. Tianjin’s historical old street, which recently won the Zhan Tianyou Award, is an example. The award-winning cases of Tianjin’s historical old streets not only support the protection of cultural relics, but also recognize the renovation of old buildings. Renovation of old buildings will become a future trend.

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