Cable Trunking Roll Forming Machine

The cable trough forming machine is a piece of equipment that makes cable trays out of metal sheets through a rolling process.

The cable tray roll forming machine adopts an automated production method. The width and height can be automatically adjusted to achieve continuous production, which greatly improves production efficiency and reduces production costs. The roll forming machine adopts advanced rolling technology to ensure high geometric size and shape accuracy of the cable tray and smooth surface, improving product quality.

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Our production equipment adopts advanced automation technology and is able to realize a fully automated production process. The equipment is equipped with advanced electrical control systems and mechanical transmission systems, which can realize multiple process steps such as automatic cutting, bending, and forming of cable trays. Automated production not only improves production efficiency, but also reduces labor intensity and ensures the stability of product quality.

Cable Trunking Roll Forming Machine

Secondly, our production equipment is highly adaptable and flexible. The equipment can adjust various parameters according to product requirements, such as length, width, height, bending angle, etc. Therefore, whether you are producing cable trays of different specifications, or changing product styles and models, our equipment can meet your needs. This flexibility also provides customers with more choices and market competitiveness.

In addition, our production equipment features high precision and stability. The equipment uses advanced sensors and control systems to achieve precise control of the size, shape and angle of the cable tray. The cable tray produced has the advantages of consistent size and accurate angle, which can effectively improve construction efficiency and installation quality.

Finally, our production equipment is designed with safety and reliability in mind. The equipment is equipped with various safety protection devices, such as protective covers, emergency stop switches, etc., to ensure the safety of operators. At the same time, the equipment adopts durable materials and structural design to ensure the stability and long life of the equipment.

To sum up, our production equipment specializing in the production of small-sized cable trays has the advantages of high efficiency, precision, flexibility, high precision and stability. Whether it is in the fields of power, communications, transportation, etc., you can obtain high-quality cable trays through our equipment, improve work efficiency, reduce costs, and provide strong support for your projects.

Cable Trunking Roll Forming MachineCable Trunking Roll Forming MachineCable Trunking Roll Forming MachineCable Trunking Roll Forming Machine

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